Shopping + Vapiano!

Somehow, my Introvert side has taken over completely haah  I’m having much time alone with video games, the gym, or studying. Not much social interaction. I have many school assignments to hand in for an A grade. However, coding is nice because you can just focus on it. So I’m not complaining 

No Spring shopping yet, because I’m saving money for vacation mostly. However, I was in desperate need of new jeans. My two favorite pairs are ripped… that’s what you get for buying cheap jeans? Or am I just fat…? I also wanted to eat pesto pasta at Vapiano so me and my mother went for a Saturday shopping spree 
I found what I was out looking for. And more! Like a heavenly panna cotta 

Okay, back to Django now…

Birthday Spa trip

I have the best boyfriend! He took me to a Spa resort for my birthday a couple of weeks ago  The venue was beautiful and perfect for relaxing. I have never been to a place this luxurious!
Then fun part was that KW didn’t tell me where we were going. He just gave me a list of things to bring, then we went by car for a looong time! I had no idea what was going on  Turns out we were going to Gothenburg! It’s a five hour drive…!! But it seems I always enjoy anything when being around KW.

When we arrived at St Jörgen Park Resort
I was overwhelmed by how nice everything looked *-*

We unpacked our stuff and went down to eat dinner! The food at this place was so GOOD. Reeeaally nice and expensive looking, not to mention it was YUMMY. Food heaven! I love food in general so much LOL, and to eat all this was really something.
Some food pictures (don’t look if you’re hungry!)  ⤵

When not eating we did Spa stuff (and I spent some time in their gym too).
They had a “Spa ritual” where you got a basket of products like body scrubs, body lotions, face peelings, face masks. We got a card with instructions for the products and a suggested order to do things. They had different rooms with several kinds of saunas, showers, pools, beds, benches for relaxing and so on… haha, it’s hard to explain it right. Anyhow, this was perfect. I didn’t want to leave. We did this particular ritual thing for four hours! 

They had a lounge too! Live piano, good drinks (I discovered Whiskey Sour ) and a cozy setting. We got to talking to another couple (or, they started talking to us. Such typical Gothenburg VS Stockholm behavior… haha (. ❛ ᴗ ❛.)), whom we spent the rest of the night drinking + chatting with!
The grounds around the building were wonderful, great for walks. There was a golf course and we also saw some random buffalos!

For pictures of the actual Spa area see the St Jörgen Homepage photo gallery!
Thank you KW for this weekend for the best birthday gift a girl could get. LOVEYOU 

New hair~

I turned blonde:

I like this orange-ish color. I bleached it once but it turned way too yellow for my taste (see first photo)and kinda uneven, so I got another package of hair dye to fix it. I have no photos of the current color but it’s like the darkest parts of the hair in the photos above 

As a birthday gift I finally got Spotify Premium. I can listen to any music I like without ads or limited listening per month or anything… how lovely  I’m not sure which countries have Spotify yet but I recommend it to everyone who can get it!

Speaking of my birthday, I mentioned in my last post that KW was taking me somewhere secret. The big surprise was a Spa resort in Gothenburg *u* It was the most luxorious weekend ever. Oh my. Everything was perfect! I’ll make a small post with photos later~

At school we’re coding like crazy so I’m getting inspired to change my blog a bit.
I have some ideas  As soon as I get time…