A bad time for me.

Hi bloggy!

My blog was echoing empty for a while.
It’s a new year! I have welcomed 2015 on New Year’s Eve among friends. Before that, I also spent a merry happy Christmas with my family.

But… Honestly I can’t say I’m 100% happy. Something sad happened in my life. I can’t go on posting like nothing happened at this point. I thought about updating here but I don’t know what to write. Which words should I choose, of all those words running around in my mind? It’s not that I don’t want to blog but right now it’s just too hard to write a post in a happy manner, you know?

With Erika on New Year’s heart11 She was so beautiful in her golden outfit~

I’m really putting my energy into finding the fun things in every day right now (Or, actually I always do that. But in this situation it’s even more important, I’m noticing) moomin2 I’m going to move, so I’m planning how to decorate my new room. From some hidden space in my brain, inspiration flowed out like crazy during this depressing time. So I’m having a lot of fun with that. Maybe I will post here again when I have moved and my room is completely decorated?

By the way. I will recover somehow, I know that. So don’t worry!
Just BEAR WITH ME some more okayy favicon

Thank you for reading up until now! Sorry for a depressing update.
See ya emoji


Essie Naughty Nautical (Review)

I got this new nailpolish that I wanna share some pics of notes2

I’m done with buying cheap polishes that are difficult to apply, slow to dry and then only lasts one day before it starts to come off. So I decided to try “Essie”! For my first nailpolish I chose “Naughty Nautical” anchor Turquoise has been my favorite color for years now so it was an easy choice!


I’m so pleased with my decision to try this, because it’s AMAZING! Applying the nailpolish was so easy, how is it even possible?! Haha penguin I needed 1 ½ layers. Usually when the tips are looking transparent it’s difficult to cover just that part (“the half layer”) but with this nailpolish it was no problem at all, it evened out nicely by itself ♡ Not to mention it dried so quickly, I’m super impressed by that~

Here’s how it looks on day 6.
No base coat, no top coat


It’s great. I recommend Essie to anyone who wants a better quality nailpolish that’s easy to apply, dries fast and lasts long! By the way I’m 100% NOT SPONSORED by Essie (but I wish I was loool), I just love this product. I’m gonna get myself more of these… ♥

That’s all for now, thanks for reading and I’ll see ya soon emoji


Gender swap party!

I had to be without eye makeup for a couple of weeks thanks to some eye infection.
During this time it really hit me how BORING it is, skipping eye makeup alpaca2

Not amused.

But I actually went to a fun party where my illness kinda wasn’t a problem!

SEIKE threw a party where the theme was GENDER SWAP. Dress up as the opposite sex! Quite fitting! I dressed up as a boy, so showing up to a party with zero eye makeup felt more “okay” I guess bunny1

dec11_4 dec11_3 dec11_2 dec11_5

I did have more epic plans for my “boy look” but…
Me and Erika pre-partied with some other friends first. We made a gingerbread house and other Christmas things heart13


… and transformed to boys AT THE END of that first party. And well, let’s just say my priorities changed after a while. I got… lazy 8) Otherwise I would’ve gone more hardcore on the “boy styling”.
But what do you think? Don’t I look kinda androgynous without makeup or styled hair?

Even so, the party was so much fun eermegeerrhhhddd  snail1 Met so many new and old friends this night. Not to mention it was soooooo far away from where I live. Other side of the big city. Which is fun in itself. Just going there was an adventure for Erika and me.

That’s all for this time, thanks for reading!
I’ll see ya soon emoji


November is over~

Woop hello there (  ❛ ᴗ ❛ )heart10

I feel like focusing on positive things right now, lalalaaaa~~~
I have gone very blonde again! I love being blonde cat2 I just started with silver shampoo too, I hope it’ll get rid of some yellowness.

I though I’d share some pictures from November! I bought a huge black sweater from H&M that is my favorite piece now ribbon3


This weekend I met Marcus and Fredrik for some drinks and gossip! I hadn’t seen Fredrik in YEARS ooooh dear. Fredrik also brought his friend Dennis who was hilarious! Dennis likes Kpop girl groups, so cute heart2 We went clubbing later!



I’ve been living in beanies lately ⤵

I’m a Snapchat addict atm ⤴ (っ- ‸ – ς)

Christmas is coming closer indeed, how does that feel? GOOD santa-hat I just decorated at home, and we’re gonna have a Christmas sweets/buns day with some friends this weekend!

Ooooh me & my parapara friend Jasmine are planning to get together and do a parapara show at the Sakura Festival in Spring heart7 It’s far ahead but it’s best to start planning early. I’m excited! I hope we can expand our small team this time~ I want new people to join us. So far we have one from the Netherlands coming! I’ll spam my social medias about this too so we can find some NEW PARAPARA FRIENDS aww yeah (・∀・)

That’s it for today, thanks for stopping by, I’ll se ya later alligator emojiバイバイ


Brown Eyes

Hi there!

Today’s Mondayyy~
During the weekend I actually did some things for a change (OMG)!I went to see the new Moomin movie at the cinema moomin1 moomin2 moomin3 moomin5 It was so funny, and beautifully animated! I wanted more of Snufkin in the movie, but he was too tsundere to join the Moomin family on their trip so nope… :(

Theeen I also tried out a new pair of stockings. I’ve loved this style for so long so I decided to get a pair of them. Outfit picture:

brownlenses3From my Instagram so it’s all blinged up…

I mentioned in my previous post that I got some package in the mail. It contained circle lenses wahooo! From the Geo Princess Mimi series that I’ve been looking at for quite a while ^^ They are so gorgeous so I got them in Apple Green and Chocolate Brown. Brown eyes has been such a dream of mine since I was a kid. IT’S SO BEAUTIFUL, forever jealous of people with naturally brown eyes heart13

Here’s how I look in those lenses:


Oh dear, I love them. My natural color is blue-green-gray-yellow (OMG) so I was afraid it wouldn’t look good, but turns out it’s fine! The inner part of my iris is the yellow part so it looks okay with the brown color of the lenses!! Yesss!excited1

Then one last thing I did this weekend was to meet up with Erika after her Tokyo trip bear1 We just hung out and gossiped away as usual~ And she had brought home some makeup for me~ 嬉しい! I missed her while she was away, it felt good to hang out again ribbon3


Oh and one last quick thing. FOOD ⤵
I made my own fried chicken. Holy lords above. It was the best fried chicken I’ve eaten!!! I’m so proud I did it because I was scared of the hot oil haha~ It was a challenge AND I WON heart10


… I’ll show the other lenses I got in some other post by the way!
That’s all for now, thanks for reading and I’ll see ya soon emojiHave a good week everyone! またね~



Back from the dead…
My blog was down for weeks angst_smiley But hi again! 

I don’t have anything super interesting for you to read now either LOL my life was just super uninteresting. All my friends are traveling and just being busy in general, which is the case for me too.
I’ll just post some pictures from my phone from these last 3 weeks stars2

I think I dressed up and did my makeup & hair TWICE in 3 weeks. Oh dear.

Now I’m off to pick up something from the post office (not sure what it is!). Then – surprise surprise – I’m working nonstop, AGAIN. I’m really discovering my limits lately haha!

Thanks for reading, feel free to leave an encouraging comment and I’ll see ya later, okay? emoji


Stand-Up, Fika & New Hair Color ♥

It’s Monday!

I’m gonna write real quick about my weekend, felt like I had a good one! I was so ready for this Monday after that cat2

I went to the gym twice which was great, やっぱり it always gives me energy.
Then I also went to a stand-up comedy night. First time ever for me! (I really love trying new things lately OMG). I was prepared to NOT think everyone was funny because stand-up isn’t really my thing – some jokes can be really immature and rude. BUT I had some great laughs after all! The headliner for the night was a person I only knew from a hip hop group (Simon G from Far & Son) so that was pretty damn cool. He was the funniest chicken2heart8

We had some appetizers too: Halloumi, prosciutto, salami, olives etc… heart4

On Sunday I met up with Erika for some shopping and a fika! Our ‘life fikas’ are needed and it had been too long. It was great to catch up with her, I felt so relieved to finally have time to meet up without just running around meeting millions of people and partying hehe, that’s fun too but a fika is something special indeed dog


Maybe you’ve seen it on my Instagram or something (or in the pic above lol), but I dyed my hair!! I feel so refreshed now with this blonde hair heart7 Finallyyyy! I bleached it first and then dyed it with a blonde color from Garnier Nutrisse~

Before: ⤵


And after: ⤵


So happy with this color ^^ It didn’t turn out as yellow as it often does… I picked out the hairdye carfully to avoid the Easter chicken look. It’s still a bit yellow though, so maybe I should use some silver shampoo or something!

Today’s work look. Sleepy ’cause I started at 7 (Woke up at 5:30).
Anyway, I wore my new cozy sweater! Love it so much loennloev

What do you think about my new hair? Please leave a comment!
Thanks for reading, that’s all for now! I will be working full-time at my part-time job (haha!) for a couple of weeks so my life will be extra boring… We’ll see if I post anyway.
Byebye, see ya later emoji


First weeks of “REAL” Fall

Since my last update I have been applying for different design jobs (FIGHTING!!! I have an updated portfolio at https://www.behance.net/sofiauhr), while also working at my part-time job! Fall came, so the kids and I have to put on a thousand layers of clothing when we go out and play loennloev I’m always freezing to death either way, need to get some new Fall/Winter wear… =(

And oh, I guess everyone’s heard about the new iPhone? I still use my iPhone4, but I actually got to upgrade to an iPhone5 because KW got his new iPhone6 penguin So I had to empty my phone completely, and I found some pics from lately that I wanted to post~

First of all I finally tried the restaurant Wagamama noejdface heart8 I chose a pork ramen with BBQ sauce topping:


I don’t usually like BBQ flavor that much, but I was in the mood for something new! And I gotta say it didn’t taste very authentic Japanese but it was still veeery good. Ramen is always perfect when you have a cold so I really enjoyed it. I’m a huuUUUuuUUUuuge fan of mache so I was thrilled they used it in their ramen. And the pork was great. Mmh! I want to go back to Wagamama to try all their different foods!

Then, onto some Fall looks:

I went for fika with Saga this day heart2

Partyyy night~ (I’m so happy this is the end of crappy quality selfies heart5)

Just had a boring night at home. Bear suit ON!
Borrowed iPhone6 and tried the camera out.

That was all for this time~ Not very exciting I know…
Thanks for reading and I’ll see ya soon with a new phone wiihoooo! emoji


Seremedy Last Live + Afterparty!

My friend Seike‘s old band Seremedy held a concert, the Seremedy Last Live! The band doesn’t exist anymore favicon So this was a final goodbye to the fans.
Thank you Seike for inviting me to the concert and the afterparty bunny1 heart14 Check his blog for pics from the concert itself, I didn’t take any.

The concert was awesome, I went there with Malin and Erika alpaca2

seremedy3seremedy1 Before the concert! Derping around like always~


Then it was time for the afterparty at a club in the city! We met up with Saienti, Aron, Amanda and Alicia to go there while the band members had some signing session to do… notes2
Then the members of Seremedy showed up to join us too, as well as some of my other friends who are now the new “Visual Pop” group lovelipop (they are super cute)! Then even more people showed up. A great gang of friends indeed heart13
It’s been a while since I partied at Stureplan clubs, I honestly didn’t know it was going to be there so I didn’t dress appropriately… BUT, it was fun either way heart11 stars2

seremedy2 seremedy5

When I went home I felt kinda weird and exhausted. And I noticed during the night that my face looked so poofy and sleepy…?
The next morning I got the explanation: I got a terrible cold! So now I’ve been feeling sorry for myself on the couch for a couple of days moomin2 But yes, that’s all for now. Hope you enjoyed this post! I had so much fun this night.

Thanks for reading and see ya soon emojiまたね!


My September~ Selfie Bomb!

Before I knew it, we’re getting to the end of September (almost) moomin2 loennloev

I got a new part-time job as a kindergarten teacher pig So I’ve been super busy with it this month. But I’ve been doing stuff here and there between the workdays and I have a bunch of selfies in my phone so I might as well post them here, lol!  dog2


And that’s actually all for now. I have been thinking a lot lately, I have so many thoughts and ideas in my brain right now it’s hard to focus, honestly. On top of that, I’m horrible at giving words to those thoughts. Let’s see where this goes… I hope you enjoy reading my blog either way hoho alpaca2 Thanks for hanging around!

Until next time! See ya soon emoji