New Jacket for Summer!

I had a day off so I spent it out in the sunny (but windy) weather~ kirakira I thought I’d try on my new jacket for the first time!
This (orange-)red jacket is a new item for this year, from Elvine.
It’s thin, for Summer. Quality is really high and I love it!

So windy (・ε・)

Bonus pic of doggie because she is cute dog2

I don’t mind wind in general, but right now it’s just too cold. Oh well at least the sun is shining. Can’t wait for Summer so I can wear the jacket without a knitted scarf! But I have a lot to do before Summer… aahhh. Too much excitement.

That’s it for now! Back to work~
Take care and see ya soon emoji


Outfits & Foods This Week

I told you about my sick eye. It’s getting a bit better so I can work, AND wear some makeup again ribbon3 Although I have to avoid the sick part (just under my eye) a bit longer.

This week has been full of thesis work, fika and dinners  tea

j5From when I met Nathalie for coffee  heart11

j1Yesterday. Skirt from Sheinside, sweater from H&M, cap with studs from Glitter  heart13

Studying at Vapiano. 頑張りますcat2

I’m REALLY craving Asian food right now… It must be too long since I went to Japan the last time, my body is calling out for Asia?!
First I dragged my boyfriend to Kimama Ramen, the only ramen restaurant in Sweden that I know of. Their food tastes very authentic and it’s super delicious, I almost wanna cry every time. Me and Kiwi had Shoyu Ramen and Gyoza alpaca2

Then yesterday we went to Beijing8 again~ I had to go back to try some more of their food heart2
Dumplings were good! However I was a bit disappointed because they were out of edamame? We ordered noodle salad instead, but it was too spicy for me angst_smiley

j4 j3

Speaking of Japan, there was some campaign with super cheap flights to Japan. I really wish I could’ve taken the opportunity like all my friends did, but I have some other things I need to sort out first moomin3stars2

Have a good Friday and see ya soon emojiまたね!



March Favorites!

I though I would make a post with favorites of the month.  Makeup, music, foods, games, books or other things I feel like sharing… ribbon3
March just ended a week ago, so here are some of my March favorites:

★ GAME: Final Fantasy X-2

I got a PS Vita as a birthday gift, with the new HD release of Final Fantasy X and X-2! I started with the sequel X-2 since I just finished the original FFX (for the 100th time).

FFX/X-2 was always my favorites among the FF games. You get to follow Yuna on her journey to becoming stronger, she goes through so many difficult moments. Yuna inspired me a lot. HD is always a good thing since the old graphics were a bit… old. There are some new playable characters now too!
The story of FFX-2 is not that good, and some of the minigames are just too frustrating, so it’s not the perfect game. But honestly everything else about this game makes up for it.
I LOVE IT! alpaca

MAKEUP: Garnier BB Cream

Garnier Skin Naturals Miracle Skin Perfector BB Cream. I got this from a friend because it was too dark for her skin.
This BB Cream is really light on the skin and it feels more “fresh” than my usual liquid foundation from Candy Doll. Perfect when I want to take a break from heavy foundation but still want to wear some makeup moomin2


MUSIC: Owl City – Beautiful Times

Okay this was actually released during April but whatever~ cat2
Owl City released this new song called “Beautiful Times” the other day and it did not disappoint me heart11
The thing about Owl City is that the lyrics are always very well written and deeper than most other music I’ve heard. Common themes are personal growth, appreciating your surroundings, dreams and feeling free. He always makes clever metaphors with the ocean, rain, boats or anything water-related. I happen to LOVE that anchor

Instead of just releasing “Beautiful Times” with an iTunes link, he did this mini game on his website, a lot of fun if you’re a fan!
Click the picture to check it out~ ⤵

Screen Shot 2014-04-08 at 11.52.25 AM

That’s it for this month’s favorites. I’ll make a new favorites post when April has ended~
Have you tried FFX/X-2 HD? What’s your opinion on BB cream? Do you like Owl City too? Please leave a comment about it notes2
またね emoji


The Power of Makeup + A Reunion

I’m still having some troubles with my sick  eye so I’ve been feeling a bit down all week~ Thankfully it’s healing but not quick enough!
I got bored and put on some makeup with lenses + lashes just on my other eye, and it looked pretty weird so I took a picture of my face like that.

It looks funny bunny1

The power of makeup haha

My dear friend Jasmine who lived in Japan for many years has moved back home to Sweden a couple of days ago! I’m so happy bear1
She had a small dinner party yesterday. Was so great to finally meet her again, I’ve missed her so so SO much. We used to be such a parapara team lol, maybe she will teach me everything she has learned in Japan~ ?

I met Diana at the party too, I hadn’t seen her in a long time either! We talked about Final Fantasy like we always do heart13 So I was super happy about this night (even though I had so little makeup and felt weird hoho)! moomin6

jaz1 jaz2

That’s all for this week, see ya soon emojiバイバイ!


The Wind Rises

I’m having a bad week.
Something happened to my eye, it’s swollen and it hurts a lot. I can’t wear makeup and I can’t be in front of a screen for too long periods of time… So  basically I can’t do any work or hobbies?!
Here’s how I look:

I’m such an artist…

But this Monday I was invited by Jens to have some dinner and see a movie he had pre-viewing tickets for. I ignored my sick eye and we went out kittyheart13
First some food! It was at Beijing8 that I can recommend to anyone, it was really really good, authentic Asian food with great prices.
I had gyoza and oolong peach ice tea ✭


Then we went to the movie theatre to see 風立ちぬ/Kaze Tachinu (“The Wind Rises”) by Studio Ghibli. I love most Ghibli movies and this was NOT disappointing! A bit melancholic and very beautiful + dreamy.
I had never been to this movie theatre (“Bio Rio” Hornstull) before, very retro and classic style heart7

biorio biorio2
Beautiful angel woman in theatre

You should see the movie if you like other Ghibli movies~ It was lovely.
See ya soon emojiまたね!


Sheinside Spring Shopping

Did you notice anything different? I redesigned my blog excited1 I got so bored with how it looked before.

Today I’m gonna tell you about some Spring shopping I did online!
It was my first time ordering from Sheinside.com stars2 I had heard good things about this site so I had to look around! They had sooo many cute items! I only bought three items this time but I will shop there again.

First, a pink shirt with a “LAME” print. I love everything with a random big word printed on it. Pastel pink isn’t really my color but I don’t care moomin5


Then there’s this red skirt. I love how it flows~ And a hooded sweater with flower print, perfect for Spring rose


Then I’m just gonna finish this post by showing a close-up pic of these leggings with BMO (Adventure Time) print. I got them from Kiwi for my birthday, they are so comfortable and perfect… heart2


See ya soon emojiまたね!


One last Bday celebration~

This week I have done a bunch of work + school stuff!
I just started my Bachelor’s thesis… serious business (´・◡・ )

Anyway! I hadn’t had the time to gather my friends for a birthday party yet so I invited them to my place yesterday ^^ I feel like my birthday was ages ago, so when I got gifts I was very surprised but happyyy ribbon3 Thanks everyone!

bday1Alice’s adventures in Wonderland, Tove Jansson edition bunny2 A treasure!
Tove Jansson is the author of the Moomin books (my favorite books ever).

bday2My outfit/face/hair! New Adventure Time leggings ♥ And CO&LU necklace~

bday3Tried some different hairstyles~

We played a drinking game that Alex introduced~ We laughed so much alpaca2 And Line‘s gift to me was a jam jar!!! You might remember that I wrote before about the bar that served drinks in huge jam jars… So of course we made a drink in the jar I got. So funny heart11


Hahaha oh dear…

That’s all for now.
See ya soon~ またねnotes2


My Birthday ☆

The 23rd of March is my birthday snail1 So happy birthday to me today!
I had invited my family to eat cookies & cakes so that’s what we did.

Then I got some gifts too. I wrote last week about wanting a Wacom pen tablet and a hair product from LUSH and guess what? I GOT THEM BOTH!!! Score cat2 Then I also got some other things… people, why you so nice?!

I’m seriously soooo happy about the pen tablet, I’m gonna draw until I drop!

New dress from H&M stars2
Friend heart necklace from Guldfynd, that I recently shared with Nathalie!


If I could marry a cookie, I would marry these caramel cookies I made… 




LAN weekend!

Yes yes yes, a LAN party happened this weekend! I really love this kind of event, the atmosphere is just perfection favicon aaah~

I played Counterstrike and Worms Armageddon mostly. I brought my Wii along too because I just have one game on my own laptop ^^’ So we played some Virtual Console retro games too! Then I did some drawing too when I wanted a break from all the action haha…

The night when Saturday became Sunday it was suddenly my birthday so we celebrated a bit too, yay alpaca I got such a cute gift from a friend, two wine bottles with GOOGLY EYE STICKERS on them \( ゚ヮ゚)/ Love that!

Comfy outfit. I’m Batman!



I wanted to join today – Sunday - too but my family & relatives came over to celebrate my birthday so I “had to” stay home (ʘᗩʘ’) uhu. More about that later!

See ya soon! またねheart11

Blue Circle Lenses

Oh yes it’s Friday! Work week over notes2 This weekend I’m going to a LAN and then my birthday is on Sunday~
Just dropping by real quick to show a new pair of circle lenses!

They are “GEO Xtra WT B62 Blue” 15mm anchor

What I love most about these is the comfort! They are thinner = much more comfortable than my other pair. I wore these for 5 hours without trouble ^^heart14
They were also a bit more difficult to insert – they kept folding, or sticking to my finger – but no big problem!


See ya soon! またね!