Christiania – Weed Everywhere! (Denmark pt 2/2)

Hi everyone!
After a short vacation break I’m back again with some updates dog
I’m gonna continue with part 2 of my Denmark visit.

I wasn’t very familiar with the Marijuana paradise Christiania before I went there…  So naturally I didn’t know what to expect. One thing I can say about Christiania is that it was INTERESTING weed2
We entered the area and the air was full of weed smoke immediately. In the center there were tons of tents where they sold that stuff…weed2weed2weed2 The mood was super shady cat2 So interesting! People smoked everywhere all over the place, even with their own kids nearby.

What I loved about Christiania was this:



The houses + gardens and street art heart10 It was so damn beautiful! Like a fairytale. I wish settings like this were more common in other places… Isn’t it odd that this kind of creative atmosphere is super rare elsewhere? I haven’t seen anything like it. I don’t smoke weed but I would still love to live in a neighborhood that looked like that. Am I the only one?!

Then, onto a final thing I wanna mention about Copenhagen: We went to a huge botanical garden in the middle of the city rose All my pics from there turned out super boring so I won’t even post them, but the visit was pretty awesome either way~ I love plants and nature as you might know… A nice thing about Copenhagen overall was that everything nature related took up much space in the city! I saw some huge parks too, looooooved it! Just perfection moomin3


Cotton from a cotton plant!

That concludes my updates from my Denmark vacation, hope you enjoyed reading! Sorry it was a bit late~ It’s Summer time for real haha~ I already have another trip to update about next.
I’ll see ya soon emoji

bild 5 (2) copy

Denmark Adventures! (Part 1/2)

Me and my boyfriend went on an impulse trip to Denmark’s capital: Copenhagen for 4 daysexcited1 It was my first time there! Since it’s close to Sweden we took the car over there~

Copenhagen was very windy but also very pretty. I felt a calm and friendly vibe from the people too. More laid back than the people at home in Stockholm. And good food! I have tons of pics from the visit so I’ll split them into 2 posts pig
Here’s part 1:

bild 3 (4) copyHotel breakfast was “90-100% organic”, pretty cool moomin2 Lots of fruit & vegetables

bild 2 (4) Part of our room! It was hard to get a good pic but, super cozyheart10

bild 1 (4)
Fire alarm went off at out hotel the first night yaaay…

bild 2 (8) Nyhavn, cute harbor anchor

bild 3 (3) Two looks~

bild 1 (8)

bild 3 (6)_copy

bild 5 (2) copy Bear hair favicon 

bild 4 (2)
Best burger I’ve ever had, not joking heart6

bild 4 (4)

bild 5 (4)_2
Typical Danish food~ Yum!

Everything was expensive in Denmark except for the wine at the supermarkets…! In Sweden we can’t even buy alcohol above 3,5% at supermarkets. And the liquor stores close at 7PM (3PM on Saturdays, on Sundays it’s not even open lol). So in Copenhagen I bought a bottle of wine at 11:30PM and felt so badass hahahaaa cat_love

Next time I will post about a huge botanical garden, it was pretty cool moomin3And pics from the paradise of Marijuana: Christiania weed2 I found it so interesting… I’ll talk more about it in the next post!

Thanks for reading and I’ll see ya soon emojiまたね!


Midsummer’s Eve

I didn’t plan anything for Midsummer’s Eve this year.

Then, before I knew it, me and Line were having dinner at her place? None of us felt like spending money on Midsummer’s food so we just cooked some vegetables and honestly it was so damn good? How? Thanks to the power of love probably… heart13 Hehe there’s something about simple food that I love, can’t get enough~

midsummer1 midsummer2 midsummer3

Later the two of us continued to a party in the city with tons of friends… haha alpaca2 Random night but lovely all the same!

We just had fun drinking and taking stupid selfies all night. And making a phone call to someone in Tokyo haha?! And dancing like crazy notes2 I have a vague memory of me and Erika dancing and rapping along to CL – MTBD like our lives depended on it kirakira


Yep that’s about what happened during the Midsummer’s Eve. I had a great time with the girls! The rest of the weekend I spent just lazing around and stealing Midsummer’s food from my parents, yummyyy cat_love

Thanks for reading, y’all! Take care and see ya soon emojiまたね!


Final Fantasy Concert!

Haha I gotta tell you… I solved my Photoshop problems. But I have anther problem now, with iPhoto. Can’t import my photos, the software freezes. One computer problem after another sheep Pffff.


I  thought I would update a bit about the concert I mentioned a while ago. It was “Final Symphony” – A classical music concert with Final Fantasy music of course!
I have been to a couple of video game music concerts in the past and loved it. Since I have gift cards for concerts I brought Line with me to enjoy it this time~ heart7

Quick makeup & hair! And, I like this new top from H&M! Even if it feels like a tent because bigger sizes are also WIDER… Tall girl problems.

At the end of the concert~ It was so awesome.

Some bathroom posing heart4

This time the concert was a bit different from how they usually are! Instead of just many short pieces they did it more “classical style” with longer pieces from only three of the games, with movements with different moods. I appreciated this change so much (I’m a classical music nerd in disguise if you didn’t know, I spent my childhood+teenage life with that stuff) notes

So yeah it was great. I’m happy Line wanted to join even if she hasn’t even played Final Fantasy or heard the music before hahaha… But I think she was impressed! heart5

After the concert I got interviewed by some TV team who did a documentary on video game music. I looked kinda bad and didn’t get ANY time to prepare, they just dragged me onto set angst_smiley I dunno. So I’m scared of the outcome lol.

That’s it for now, take care and I’ll see ya soon emoji


I’m a Moomin Forest Creature

My Photoshop problem is solved (for now) heart10 That means I have some photos to show!

First up is just some random idea I had in the middle of the night while I was sick. I had been reading the old Moomin books and felt like doing something to look like one of those forest creatures. I had Misan, Gafsan or Såsdjuret in mind (insert confused face here) moomin5.
So I just did something with makeup! I really did NOT try to look pretty, maybe that’s obvious but I just wanna say that anyway. Not sure what happened, it was just an impulse thing haha~ Some kind of “creative moment”. I wanted to look like someone else than my usual self moomin2



Like I said it was in the middle of the night so I didn’t get the best lighting cat2 Oh well. What do you think? Personally I felt much like some creature from the books. I don’t think I have any hardcore Moomin fans among my readers so maybe this wasn’t very interesting :u:

Thanks for reading! Take care and I’ll see ya in the next post emoji

bild (2)

No Photoshop

Something terrible happened…

I DON’T HAVE PHOTOSHOP ON MY COMPUTER right now angst_smiley

Disaster. Seriously, I always edit my photos. There’s always lighting, or colors, or blurriness, or other things that need to be taken care of in my pics (because my phone’s camera is not very good).
Ugh, I uninstalled my previous Photoshop version to get the newest one (Creative Cloud). At least a 30-day trial of Photoshop to begin with. But it won’t download? Just errors. This feels like a nightmare! I have to figure this out. Or start using the GIMP to edit pics again. Help.

In the meantime here’s a pic of me and Line from yesterday. We were at a concert! I’ll blog about that as soon as I can~ heart7


bild (2)

We still look pretty höhö but that quality is just uugghh cat_crying I’m getting a panic attack lol.
Take care and I’ll see ya soon! またねemoji


Rave party in the forest~

This post is a bit delayed, I was gonna blog this Sunday after my weekend activities but I got super sick?! From where?! Today is Thursday and I still feel so damn sick OMG it’s not fair cat3 I’ve been in bed with headache, fever, sore throat, aching body, runny nose, all that stuff.
Either way, I’m finally able to sit by my computer for a bit so it’s time to update about a thing from last week~

Me and Erika went to a forest rave party with a bunch of friends. The setting was so cozy among the grass and trees by the water heart11 We danced barefoot to Olle‘s awesome DJ set! And drank some wine and Absinthe and took photos of cute caterpillars ehehm 8)

rave3 rave2 rave1

This was a day thing! So when evening came, me and Erika went back to my place to put on some makeup and then go to the next party notes It was a short night for me though, because that’s when I started feeling sick. Boo. But still, fun heart2

From Erikas Instagram and from my Instagram (๑′ᴗ‵๑)

Like I said, after that I got sick and haven’t been doing anything. Just waiting until I get well again. I had to go to some final seminar things in school this week and it sucked, felt so horrible. But I miraculously made it cat2

So that’s it for now, take care everyone and see ya soon emoji


Recent Days Off

The weather has finally become warmer. Up to 28°C moomin2 WHAT?!
When not busy, I have been spending my free time outdoors as much as possible!
Here are some things that happened recently on my days off:

SAIKOFamily road trip.
We had McDonald’s and my hangover body was like YESSSS that day bunny2 

FT3Me and Line had a picnic!

FT2Shopping day – lazy hair / makeup.

FT1Japanese food! I loved the deep-fried vegetables ribbon3 

Makeup/Hair. Hair was really pastel pink here ^^

And that was all for now! This post was kinda random, but every day IS random right now to be honest. I don’t plan things in advance because studies are so unpredictable at the moment and obviously my #1 priority.
Anyway thanks for reading, I hope you enjoy it hoho dog  Now I’ll go study like always, wtf.

Take care, until next time! emoji


Miley Cyrus Concert ~☆

This weekend I went to see Miley Cyrus heart10

I’m bad at describing concerts, honestly. So I’ll keep it short:
Show was AWESOME. Miley was sad about her dog who just died though. I’ve seen on her social medias that she has been sad for weeks and I could relate so much (⊙﹏⊙) It breaks my heart.
She brought a huge inflatable dog on stage to honor him #FloydFriday dog2

So the concert was full of emotion!  People keep saying negative things about Miley but I couldn’t disagree more.  She’s a hard worker and she’s seriously so good at singing notes2 I have ALWAYS loved her and her voice.


Unfortunately the stadium was filled with teenage girls screaming. Me and my concert company David felt super old when we complained about it while we sat down with our earplugs and popcorn snail1

Our “wtf, kids” faces.

Afterwards, we were in a party mood but none of our friends were, lol?! It was Friday?? The two of us just went back to my place to join my bf and chill for a while then zzZZZ~

That’s all for this time, take care and I’ll see ya soon emojiまたね!


Nail Event + Girls’ Night Out

Oooh I had such a nice weekend.
I finally got some time to meet up with Nathalie heart11 We went to a nail event at Scratch Nail Salon, then continued with the partying.
We had a typical girls’ night heeheee and it was so much fun!

I have never been to an event before and was always curious before cat2 They had some finger foods, champagne and of course nail polishes and sooo much other beauty stuff (in their tiny salon haha, so cute)~ AND we got a goodie bag, hell yeah cat_love

My look for the evening. No lashes or lenses OMG. And I’m liking this pink shade in my hair! Unfortunately it has already faded thanks to the super sunny weather. Time to re-dye!


We continued the night by having dinner at Subway nearby, and I had to take a photo of my sandwich because of how gross it looked. The Subway dude put on wayyyyy too much dressing ( ಠ_ಠ). Then by super randomness we went to Nathalie’s mom’s place for a wine & gossip session with her and her boyfriend at their dinner table. I LOVED THAT! Finally we (also veeery randomly) went to meet up with some other girl friends to party some more heart2


And lastly, some selfie pics from throughout the night. All black/white this time, dunno why, I just felt like it… heart10 ⤵

GN11 GN8 GN7

I like when nights turn out a bit crazier than planned!
The next day the hangover was a fact hehe (・∀・)

That’s it for today, take care and I’ll see ya soonemoji