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Karaoke with the Gals ♪

I haven’t gotten around to blogging about this night yet and I’m gonna be honest about the reason:

PICTURES… angst_smiley

We had a karaoke night with the gyaru/-o gang notes2
This is people who all love taking photos. OMG. My phone is overflowing. Haha but I finally came around to sorting and editing them!

We went to a new place called “Kara&e”There aren’t many karaoke places in Stockholm so it was great to discover this! From now on Kara&e is my favorite karaoke place! It was great. The interior was fresh and futuristic, so cool. The microphones and the whole sound system was high quality. The staff were super friendly. They had Japanese style toilets, and Japanese magazines in there…! It was all awesome heart


Top: Indiska
Tights: Tutuanna
Boots: Belle
Iphone case: eBay

Screen Shot 2014-08-30 at 9.16.01 PM
Screen Shot 2014-08-30 at 9.41.54 PM

After the karaoke we went to Erika‘s place to party until morning cat_love I went home “early” at 4:30AM… I heard some of them stayed until 8? 9?! Crazy.
Here are some of the thousand selfies we took at the party:

Got to know the lovely Josefin! We had so much in common, it was so funny heart6

That is all for this time, thanks for reading and I’ll see you again soon emojiまたね!


Wedding ♥

I went to my friends’ Olle & Malin’s WEDDINNGGGG (ृʾ́꒳ʿ̀ ृ )ु  heart10heart10heart10

This was the first wedding I’ve attended where the bride and groom are close friends to me. Otherwise it has just been relatives’ weddings when I was a tiny little kid ( ❛‿❛) It doesn’t really count.

The ceremony was so damn beautiful. They had arranged everything perfectly and you could really tell who were getting married in that gorgeous garden~ Aaaah excited1heart13 I’m so happy for them.

wedding3 wedding2
Some alpaca themed gifts + card for the alpaca-loving couple alpaca2

wedding1_1 wedding4

Then it was time for the wedding party! Since the newlyweds attend many raves, of course they had arranged an awesome forest rave partyyy ameblo notes2 It was close to where I live so I took the bike over there, and just danced and had fun with everyone until morning came! (Riding the bike home drunk was fun). 


Yeah so the wedding celebration was all so typical for Olle & Malin, and I really enjoyed my first wedding with friends. Awesome, love really was in the air. GETTING TO THAT WEDDING AGE NOW I GUESS (umm ok nope) moomin5

That’s all for this time, but I have another post for you right after this~ Thanks for reading! I hope you enjoyed and I’ll see ya soon emoji


Kerbera Music Video Recording!

This weekend I did something fun! I was part of a music video for the band Kerbera moomin7 The vocalist Seike and bassist/vocalist Freddy are friends of mine so I was invited to be in the new video~
The song is “Lipstick Tonic”.  I’ll update again when it’s out! kirakira

We filmed from the afternoon to the next morning! The weather was super warm and humid so it was a challenge to stay beautiful throughout the night haha bunny1 At least for me. My face felt puffy and shiny all the time! This Swede is NOT used to warm temperatures.
My outfit was a Glavil/tutuHA top and some rocku style accessories pretty much. I mixed it with brown boots to make it a bit more feminine.

I can’t reveal almost anything about the video so I’ll just post some NOT-SPOILER pics from my phone and Vivi’s camera. I hung out mostly with Vivi and Alex during the night but I met a bunch of new friends too alpaca
Even though a music video is stressful and hard work I enjoyed every second. I offered my extra help when the band and crew needed it. I have some experience working with this kind of thing after all!
I really feel at home when working in this industry notes2 Guess it’s thanks to my dad. And my music background. Blaha.


The thunder, rain and lightning was everywhere when me and Vivi went home to my place! A bit scary… But we were so exhausted when we came home. SO SO SOOOO exhausted. We hadn’t eaten almost anything during the day or night. And Vivi had been traveling from China before she came to the video recording with her suitcase and everything hahaha  cat3 So she was even more tired than I was. I felt so bad for her sake ;__; So yeah we passed out immediately at 6AM. Didn’t even eat when we got home like we had planned, lol!

Looking forward to the next time I can do something like this. GIMME MORE! I had so much fun meeting so many new people, everyone was so sweet! And it was great to be able to help out friends~ And like I said, I LOVE to work in this environment.

Thanks for reading this time and I’ll see ya soon emojiマタネ!


New hair & Some recent looks

Oh oh!
A couple of days ago I changed my haircolor.

Maybe you noticed that I haven’t done anything with my hair for 8-9 months (ಥ益ಥ) (other than my short-lived pink dipdye) so I’ve just kept my natural color that grew out up ’til now! A boring dark blonde (kinda gray) color ⤵


The quality of my hair is good now thanks to that, but of course I get bored. I haven’t cut it in a long time either. And I don’t wanna bleach (DESTROY) my healthy hair just yet! So this is what I decided on for now:


It’s pretty nice in my opinion! It was a “copper blonde” shade from Schwarzkopf that I have used a couple of years ago! It really feels refreshing to have a more vibrant color again but without having to bleach heart10

And while I’m at it, since July is ending (oh my, it went by so fast), here are some other random pics from July:


At one point I pulled my hair back, wore a cap and no makeup which resulted in me looking like a sleepy boy or something like that… moomin1 ⤵


That was all for this time… Did you like the new color? And I’m currently saving for longer bangs instead of the short ones. I loved the short bangs though so I think I’ll cut it soon again. What do you think I look better in? I wouldn’t mind some feedback from you! DO I LOOK BETTER IN BOY STYLE?! alpaca2

Thanks for reading this time, hope you enjoyed and I’ll see you soon emoji


Gotland ♡

As you might know I go to Gotland (a Swedish island) every year during the Summer. My little paradise. I don’t have much to say about my visit except that it was great ribbon3

Here’s a bunch of pictures:


That place always reminds me of who I am.  Keeps me sane. I don’t think I will ever stop going there~

But yeah that was all for this time, thanks for stopping by! Hope you enjoyed reading and I’ll see ya soon again emojiまたねぇぇ


Christiania – Weed Everywhere! (Denmark pt 2/2)

Hi everyone!
After a short vacation break I’m back again with some updates dog
I’m gonna continue with part 2 of my Denmark visit.

I wasn’t very familiar with the Marijuana paradise Christiania before I went there…  So naturally I didn’t know what to expect. One thing I can say about Christiania is that it was INTERESTING weed2
We entered the area and the air was full of weed smoke immediately. In the center there were tons of tents where they sold that stuff…weed2weed2weed2 The mood was super shady cat2 So interesting! People smoked everywhere all over the place, even with their own kids nearby.

What I loved about Christiania was this:



The houses + gardens and street art heart10 It was so damn beautiful! Like a fairytale. I wish settings like this were more common in other places… Isn’t it odd that this kind of creative atmosphere is super rare elsewhere? I haven’t seen anything like it. I don’t smoke weed but I would still love to live in a neighborhood that looked like that. Am I the only one?!

Then, onto a final thing I wanna mention about Copenhagen: We went to a huge botanical garden in the middle of the city rose All my pics from there turned out super boring so I won’t even post them, but the visit was pretty awesome either way~ I love plants and nature as you might know… A nice thing about Copenhagen overall was that everything nature related took up much space in the city! I saw some huge parks too, looooooved it! Just perfection moomin3


Cotton from a cotton plant!

That concludes my updates from my Denmark vacation, hope you enjoyed reading! Sorry it was a bit late~ It’s Summer time for real haha~ I already have another trip to update about next.
I’ll see ya soon emoji

bild 5 (2) copy

Denmark Adventures! (Part 1/2)

Me and my boyfriend went on an impulse trip to Denmark’s capital: Copenhagen for 4 daysexcited1 It was my first time there! Since it’s close to Sweden we took the car over there~

Copenhagen was very windy but also very pretty. I felt a calm and friendly vibe from the people too. More laid back than the people at home in Stockholm. And good food! I have tons of pics from the visit so I’ll split them into 2 posts pig
Here’s part 1:

bild 3 (4) copyHotel breakfast was “90-100% organic”, pretty cool moomin2 Lots of fruit & vegetables

bild 2 (4) Part of our room! It was hard to get a good pic but, super cozyheart10

bild 1 (4)
Fire alarm went off at out hotel the first night yaaay…

bild 2 (8) Nyhavn, cute harbor anchor

bild 3 (3) Two looks~

bild 1 (8)

bild 3 (6)_copy

bild 5 (2) copy Bear hair favicon 

bild 4 (2)
Best burger I’ve ever had, not joking heart6

bild 4 (4)

bild 5 (4)_2
Typical Danish food~ Yum!

Everything was expensive in Denmark except for the wine at the supermarkets…! In Sweden we can’t even buy alcohol above 3,5% at supermarkets. And the liquor stores close at 7PM (3PM on Saturdays, on Sundays it’s not even open lol). So in Copenhagen I bought a bottle of wine at 11:30PM and felt so badass hahahaaa cat_love

Next time I will post about a huge botanical garden, it was pretty cool moomin3And pics from the paradise of Marijuana: Christiania weed2 I found it so interesting… I’ll talk more about it in the next post!

Thanks for reading and I’ll see ya soon emojiまたね!


Midsummer’s Eve

I didn’t plan anything for Midsummer’s Eve this year.

Then, before I knew it, me and Line were having dinner at her place? None of us felt like spending money on Midsummer’s food so we just cooked some vegetables and honestly it was so damn good? How? Thanks to the power of love probably… heart13 Hehe there’s something about simple food that I love, can’t get enough~

midsummer1 midsummer2 midsummer3

Later the two of us continued to a party in the city with tons of friends… haha alpaca2 Random night but lovely all the same!

We just had fun drinking and taking stupid selfies all night. And making a phone call to someone in Tokyo haha?! And dancing like crazy notes2 I have a vague memory of me and Erika dancing and rapping along to CL – MTBD like our lives depended on it kirakira


Yep that’s about what happened during the Midsummer’s Eve. I had a great time with the girls! The rest of the weekend I spent just lazing around and stealing Midsummer’s food from my parents, yummyyy cat_love

Thanks for reading, y’all! Take care and see ya soon emojiまたね!


Final Fantasy Concert!

Haha I gotta tell you… I solved my Photoshop problems. But I have anther problem now, with iPhoto. Can’t import my photos, the software freezes. One computer problem after another sheep Pffff.


I  thought I would update a bit about the concert I mentioned a while ago. It was “Final Symphony” – A classical music concert with Final Fantasy music of course!
I have been to a couple of video game music concerts in the past and loved it. Since I have gift cards for concerts I brought Line with me to enjoy it this time~ heart7

Quick makeup & hair! And, I like this new top from H&M! Even if it feels like a tent because bigger sizes are also WIDER… Tall girl problems.

At the end of the concert~ It was so awesome.

Some bathroom posing heart4

This time the concert was a bit different from how they usually are! Instead of just many short pieces they did it more “classical style” with longer pieces from only three of the games, with movements with different moods. I appreciated this change so much (I’m a classical music nerd in disguise if you didn’t know, I spent my childhood+teenage life with that stuff) notes

So yeah it was great. I’m happy Line wanted to join even if she hasn’t even played Final Fantasy or heard the music before hahaha… But I think she was impressed! heart5

After the concert I got interviewed by some TV team who did a documentary on video game music. I looked kinda bad and didn’t get ANY time to prepare, they just dragged me onto set angst_smiley I dunno. So I’m scared of the outcome lol.

That’s it for now, take care and I’ll see ya soon emoji


I’m a Moomin Forest Creature

My Photoshop problem is solved (for now) heart10 That means I have some photos to show!

First up is just some random idea I had in the middle of the night while I was sick. I had been reading the old Moomin books and felt like doing something to look like one of those forest creatures. I had Misan, Gafsan or Såsdjuret in mind (insert confused face here) moomin5.
So I just did something with makeup! I really did NOT try to look pretty, maybe that’s obvious but I just wanna say that anyway. Not sure what happened, it was just an impulse thing haha~ Some kind of “creative moment”. I wanted to look like someone else than my usual self moomin2



Like I said it was in the middle of the night so I didn’t get the best lighting cat2 Oh well. What do you think? Personally I felt much like some creature from the books. I don’t think I have any hardcore Moomin fans among my readers so maybe this wasn’t very interesting :u:

Thanks for reading! Take care and I’ll see ya in the next post emoji